Why should I outsource my payroll?
Outsourcing saves your time, saves you money, is more secure, and provides compliance with government regulations. Not to mention, you have the expertise of professionals doing the work!
Do all employees have to be on the same payroll schedule?
Sharp Payroll Service can be flexible with multiple payroll schedules.
What if I have employees in other states?
No problem, we can prepare payroll in all 50 states for you.
How quickly can my new hires be paid? Is there a delay for set up?
Sharp Payroll Service can process new hires as soon as we have their information
Can my employees still use direct deposit?
If your employees don’t want paper checks, paychecks can be direct deposited. If you have an employee without a bank account, we can set up a pay-card. Or we can do a combination of both paper checks and direct deposits.
Do you provide W2s and 1099 Forms?
Yes, we provide all tax reporting documents.
How does payments for health care and 401k plans work?
Sharp Payroll Service can work with most health care and retirement plans. Call us to learn more.
Can the payroll system be integrated with my accounting system?
Yes! We can integrate with various accounting systems.
Can I get reporting for my payroll?
Sharp Payroll Service provides a report package with each payroll or online access to your reports.